Pasjel-Cherry Tender night facial cream

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Dun-Dun-DunDuuuun! Here's my 2nd beauty product review!
"Pimples pimples go away,Never come again another day"

Are you having problems regarding...

Well,you don't have to worry,here's my product review(and recommendation) about a pretty popular pimple  fighting night cream.

I'm talking about Pasjel Cherry Tender night facial cream. It's for reducing pimples,pimple marks,freckles and melasma.

-10g (net weight)
-product from Thailand
-comes in a 1&3/4" by 1&3/4" box
-free from steroid

How to Use:
-wash your face using your favorite soap,rinse well
-apply evenly on your facial skin
-have a good night sleep
-wash ypur face and see the result

-it smells like sweet candy,hmmm yum <3
-it's easy to apply and dries easily
-effective when used regularly
-reduces redness of pimples (mine is caused by monthly period,so I'm using it 2days before,during and 2days after my monthly period to avoid breakouts)
-quickly dries pimples (within 1 to 2 nights)
-i love it's color!(well,pink is my favorite)

-I think it's too small for regular use,it'd be better if they'd have bigger ones,around 20g will do
-it's not that affordable though it's understandable cause it's from Thailand, of course the international and local shipping fees are included to the price
-it's effective in reducing pimples but it won't prevent them from coming back(based on my observation and experience) unless you use it regularly

Stay pretty! ;)

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