DIY Yoshinon Puppet

Step by step tutorial on how to make a Halloween version Yoshinon(from Date A Live) freehand puppet.

-1/4yrd white fabric (fleece/cotton/velvet)
-1/4yrd purple fabric (any soft fabric will do)
-10" x 10" pink fabric (fleece/cotton/velvet)
-10" x 10" thick pellon
-5" x 3" green fabric
-8" x 8" dark blue fabric
-big circle button
-red oval button
-1/2yrd black bias or ribbon
-fiber fill

Your pattern should look like this:

add 1/2" seam allowance

• head x 2pcs
• body x 2pcs
• ears x 4pcs
• arms x 4pcs

Sew the head pieces together leaving the mouth and the part where you'll attatch the ear open as shown in the photo.

Sew the arm pieces(2pcs) together and fill it with fiber fill.

Sew the sides of the body pieces together leaving 1.5" from the neck part downwards open, this is where you'll attach the arms.

Now pin the arm in place and make sure that the position of the arms as well as the length is proportion then sew it.

(Note: number 4. should be done after making the ears)

Now get your green and purple fabric, cut one green and one purple fabric for the ears as shown in the photo.

Attatch the green piece to the right ear piece and the purple piece to the left ear piece as shown in the photo.

Sew the ear pieces together and fill it with fiber fill.

Attatch the ears to the opening you left earlier, use pins to make sure that the ears are in place and proportion then sew (shown in pic 4. above).

attach the ears
Cut out the fabric and pellon pieces for the mouth, make sure that the size is proportion to the mouth opening you left earlier.

Pin the mouth pieces to the mouth opening then sew.

Attach the mouth pieces 

Pin the neck part of the head to the neck part of the body, sew it together. Now you have the whole head to body part of Yoshinon. Few more steps and it's done!

Cut out the collar piece(dark blue) and the costume pieces x 2 (purple fabric.

collar and costume pieces

Sew the side parts of the costume pieces leaving 2" open, this will be the sleeve opening.

Now attach the collar and costume to the body part.

For the face, get your black bias tape/ribbon and sew it around the head part,this will be the string of the eyepatch. Now attach the big button, this will be the eyepatch. Add the red oval button,this will be Yoshinon's eye. Hand embroid the nose and the head stitches. Lastly,fill the head with fiber fill.


And you're done! :)

Note: You can also use this guide for making Yoshinon's default version,just alter the color of the ear and collar piece, remove the costume piece and use big black button instead,skip embroiding the head stitches. Add pawprints.

–If you used this guide and you were able to make your own Yoshinon puppet,leave a comment and share the photos of your works. I'd love to see it :)
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  1. I tried making the puppet using your tutorial, and i guess i made a decent one,considering it's my very first time creating a puppet. Although i just customed the measurements because it's not included here, i want to say thanks to you, a lot.

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