Princess Perona Costume and Wig

Costume- I handsewn my Perona-hime costume from the cape to the skirt

Here are the Materials that I used for it:

-Red Synthetic Leather (for all the red parts of the costume which includes the cape,skirt and details of the longsleeves)
-White Cotton Spandex (for the white longsleeves)
-Cotton Flowers (i used it for the skir's design)
-White Feathers (for the desighn of the cape)
-Pink Soft and Shiny Fabric (for the cape's ribbon)
-Striped Leggings

Umbrella- I also customized my Perona Umbrella,its really easy but needs a lot of caution while handling the cutter.

Wig- The brand of the wig that I used is L-email. Its really easy to manage but slightly hard to curl. Its easy to wash. The color is really fine and it's not too shiny.

Crown- I used a colored thick folder for my crown,its not really sturdy but its easier to cut and it is not heavy.

Mini Hollow- I used small styro ball and covered it with a white fabric.

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