BTOOOM,is a game where the players use different types of 
bombs like cracker,time,remote,black hole type and home bombs to kill their enemies and radars to find where others are hiding.

But what if you have to play the game for real in order to survive? Killing others is such a horrible thing to do,isnt it? But if it's the only way to get out of the game,would you do it?

Sakamoto Ryouta
Sakamoto Ryouta,the main protagonist of the series is one of the top players of Btooom all over the world. Great,right?. But one day,he woke up without memories of what happened before being in an unknown tropical island together with other people.Later on,he found out that in that island,they must play "real life Btooom" and kill each other for them to survive. 


It really feels bad to know that you can't easily trust all people around you cause anytime,someone might kill you for their own good,but the beautiful Himiko,the main female protagonist of the series must be very lucky that Sakamoto is always there to save her(everytime!)

Sakamoto and Himiko

The series is made up of 12 episodes.The survival story is full of action,betrayal,romance and a lot more! Some episodes have "18+ scenes" that i'd say,not recommended for young people to watch.
The series was adapted from a manga by Junya Inoue and produced by the anime studio MADHOUSE.

I really love the story and the way each charaters were drawn. Btooom is really worth watching :D
Cast of Btooom

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