I compiled some photos of  those anime series that I really love. :D

Fushigi Yuugi
Who will ever forget the awesome story of Fushigi Yuugi? >w< There are so many new anime today but this is still one of my favorites.

Pichi Pichi Pitch-Mermaid Melody
This is one of the cutest anime I've watched :D I love their costumes,and the songs too! Oh,I'd love to be a cute mermaid somehow XD

One Piece
I love this anime because of it's nice story and it has many funny scenes. The characters are so unique and the illustrator of the characters is really creative.I actually cosplayed Luffy and Princess Perona,both of them are from this anime :)

Kagome is really cute and simple,isnt she? :)

Vampire Knight
Will you just look how beautiful the characters are drawn *~* not to mention the nice vampire story
I also cosplayed Yuki Kuran :D

High School of The Dead
I love the story of this anime though it has many scenes that I'd say,not recommended for young people to watch. I also cosplayed Shizuka,she's my favorite character in this series.

Special A
How I wish that I'm born very very smart like the protagonists of this anime. I love how Hikari(main female protagonist) never give up in any challenges.

Princess Princess
The first time I saw the photos of this anime,I was really impressed cause the characters are well drawn and after watching the series,OMG! I never imagined that these three cute characters are all boys who crossdresses to be the inspiration of the students in their all boys school.

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