Alodia's Birthday Bash 2012

           Ms.Alodia, a well known international cosplayer celebrated her birthday at SM north Edsa(March 31,2012). As expected,many cosplayers,photographers and cosplay/anime enthusiast attended the event.
           Of course me and my friends also attended the said event and we really enjoyed being there. I cosplayed Primula from Shuffle series.Im really glad that I was able to finish sewing my costume in time,well I must thank my friend for letting me borrow her purple wig.
Cosplayer: Yumi Lyra Sarazen
Character: Primula
I really think that this Miku cosplayer
(her name is Jamie) is really cute >w<
Me together with my group :D
        I can say that this is one of the most memorable event I attende cause I found new friend(a lot of new friends! :D)
had fun with Yan :D
Me as Primula and Yan as Maria
Okay,i really think that both of us were out of
character in this photo *laughs*both of us cant
 manage the cold looks if we're together
cause we really had a lot of fun together :I

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