DIY Witch Hat

Witch hat pattern with instructions

Your pattern should look like this:
Cut out 1pc for the outer layer,
1pc for the pellon and
1pc for the inner lining

• The height of your hat- 15" (you can change it to your desired hat height)
• head measurement + allowance (22+1=23" for adults/ 20+1=21 for kids)
• Add 1/2" seam allowance
• Attach the 3 layers together,the outer layer will be the 1st layer, the pellon(pellon is used to make your hat "stiff") should be in the middle and the lining should be the last layer, now you have a 3-layer piece.
• Sew the two sides of your 3-layered piece together,it should look like a cone-like shape
 now prepare the visor.

Cut out 2pc outer layer fabric
and 1pc pellon

• Inner circle= head measurement + allowance (it should be equal to the  head measurement you used for the other piece)
• The visor/base width should be 3" to 5", i recommend 4"
• Add 1/2" seam allowance 
• Attach the 2pc outer layer and pellon together. 
 -How to sew the layers together:
 1. Your 2pc outer layers should be facing the right sides together, showing the wrong sides.
 2. Add your pellon on either of the wrong sides of your outer pieces.
3. Sew the outer sides/circle of the 3pieces together leaving the inner circle open.
4. Flip it showing out the right sides of the 2pc outer layers, Now you have a stiff disc-like shape
• Sew the cone-like piece and the disc-like piece together (pin the inner circle of the disc-like piece to the opening of the cone-like shape, both are 23",now sew)
• Optional: Add decors, you can add a bow,a wrap around ribbon,silicon spiders or even fabric flowers

photo of the hat i made

-If you used this guide and you were able to make your own hat,share your works and post a pic below :)
-follow my blog for more tutorials

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